"Your mission, should you choose to accept it..."

When The Community Fund of Darien reached out to me to create a video promoting their first-ever socially-distant fundraiser, they had a fun inspiration: The Mission: Impossible movie franchise.

I was thrilled to tackle a genre parody! The Mission: Impossible trailers are chock-full of iconic imagery and music to play with.

Next, we decided the story our video would tell: A team of friends gets "the call" to accept their mission: Competing in TCF's socially-distant competition. We'd follow them as they complete their tasks and compete with other teams.

Here is the storyboard I created:

Janet at TCF had the brilliant idea to enlist local teens to play the teammates, costuming them in spy trench coats, fedoras and sunglasses!

Knowing our shooting time was limited, I scheduled our shoot carefully. We were able to get all our footage in under an hour!

TCF's Mission: Possible! event was a smashing success! This video promo locked down a key sponsor for the event, and the number of people who signed up to participate far exceeded TCF's expectations!