MasterClass Parody: Your Dad Teaches Loading the Dishwasher

I love to parody genre: Examining what makes something iconic, and then using those elements in a parody piece.

This spring I discovered the MasterClass trailer. My favorite examples include:

What drew me to the "MasterClass Style" was the gravitas; these celebrity teachers have the power to change your life.

As someone who tries not to take life too seriously, I wanted to poke fun at these videos' self-importance. And what better way to do that than to have the newest instructor teach something as mundane as... loading the dishwasher?

The role of "Dad" was brilliantly played by my father, Jim Cameron.

I didn't expect for the video to be relatable to so many people... but it blew up; it has over 149,000 views on YouTube! (Apparently lots of people have dads who micromanage the dishwasher.)

Since creating this video in April, my filming and editing skills have greatly improved. Like many creators who strive for excellence, I rewatch and think: if only I could do it over! I know so much more about lighting, sound, color correcting, and editing. And I have an actual camera now!

But, imperfect as it is, I know this video is a wonderful time capsule of life early in the pandemic: spending time with family and stretching those creative muscles.

Accolades for

"Your Dad Teaches Loading the Dishwasher"

"A master class in parody video making" - PIX 11's "Right this Minute"

"spot-on parody" -

"very funny" - iHeartRadio

"hilarious parody" - KS95

"We can all relate" - 100.3 The Wolf